June 24, 2017

How much ability do Forex Robots really have?

First of all, Forex robots are not physical machines made to do some kind of duty for man. They are certain programs, made to do some certain things for a person doing some trading in Forex market. Seeing as trading takes place virtually the whole day and the whole night, it took humanity some interest to create a program that will help out in this trade. It does take some amount of energy and a lot of concentration to strike deals in the market, and to strike some particular deals on the platform. Why not then give some particular work to some form of mechanisms to detect and even do the trade for a Forex trader?

Being a huge industry, there are certain people who are well versed with the happenings of the trade, and from it they again a lot of fortune. In the same line, there are people that have lost a lot of their money into this trade, depending on the knowledge that they have about the industry. Forex robot traders have therefore been invented by some companies, and some of the duties that they perform will involve removing all the guesswork that is needed from the platform that is given. They range from a few hundred dollars per computer to an extent of thousands of dollars, depending on the amount of work that it can do for an individual. If a person working on the trading market is good enough, he can maker a lot of money from these machines. This is because they have the ability to give high probability about the best time for trade, without the individual doing all the hustle for himself. Nevertheless, these machines do have some flaws.

One of the machines, called the MT4 system is one that can be used to create alerts for a trader. The problem with someone using this kind of machine is that it can only function using the MT4 and no other platform. This means that it cannot alert, regulate and give proper analysis to data coming from another platform. Consequently, all the buy/sell alarm services that are not compatible with MT4 will bypass its system.

Another of these machines is the MT4 EA. These are machines that are mathematically configured to give averages, probabilities and other outputs, using normal and exponential averages. The parameters used in this system as variables limit it to some particular output. Some of the parameters as weather patterns, flowing water and other non linear entries that affect the market on a daily basis cannot be analyzed to accuracy through these mathematical formulae. Besides, even if a program could be created to do probable daily analysis of such varying amounts of data, it would require a server that is multiple times the size of a personal computer’s processing ability in order to analyze the data. It is impossible to have this for all the traders.

Robots are of great help, yet, there is a limitation to the amount of work thy can really attend to.